About PAVE

Providing Assistance and Volunteer Experience (PAVE) is the League’s program to support non-profit agencies and outreach programs in Abilene through funding and/or volunteer hours. This project truly does “PAVE” the way for a better tomorrow for our community. PAVE has funded and/or provided volunteers for over 40 non-profit organizations in Abilene.

There are now TWO JLA PAVE Applications: (1) a Grant (only) Application and (2) a Volunteer (only) Request Form.  Organizations that want a grant AND volunteers should fill out both forms.

Click here to explore how your organization can request a PAVE grant or PAVE volunteers.

2019-20 Selection Committee
Members who are serving on the committee this year include:

  • EJ Jessup (PAVE Grant Chair)
  • Katy McReynolds (PAVE Volunteer Chair)
  • Amanda Ott
  • Ambrosia Grant
  • Anna Vail
  • Chelsea Rico
  • Crystal Meneces
  • Cynthia Grant
  • Denise Hernandez
  • Erika Thornton
  • Felicia Hernandez
  • Jill Bempong

2019-20 PAVE Recipients
The Junior League of Abilene was able to provide $10,000 to 11 local organizations in 2019-20. These non-profit organizations include:

  • BCFS Health and Human Services of Abilene
  • Big Country CASA
  • The Grace Museum
  • Ministry of Counseling and Enrichment
  • Pregnancy Resources of Abilene
  • Safe Families for Children of Abilene
  • Salvation Army
  • Upside Down Club of Abilene
  • West Texas Rehab Center (Pediatrics)
  • Young Audiences of Abilene
  • Day Nursery of Abilene

Note: If you received funds in 2018-19, please complete an online evaluation form. Click here to submit your evaluation form online.