Kids In The Kitchen

Every 1st Thursday at 10:15 and 2:15 (in the months of: October, November, December, and January) the City of Abilene holds healthy and educational cooking classes hosted by two (2) certified nutritionists. Each month, the nutritionists pick a food group to feature. For example, if “Protein” is chosen, the class would learn 3-4 healthy recipes based around different proteins and ways to cook different proteins. The classes purpose is to teach younger parents / individuals how to cook healthier recipes. Each person goes home with a gift bag including cooking/kitchen items such as kitchen towels, cooking utensils, measuring spoons/cups, cook books. etc. 

This year, the Junior League of Abilene is sponsoring ten (10) JLA Kids in the Kitchen Bags per monthly Thursday class. Each Bag will contain everything needed to cook the 3-4 recipes they learned in the classroom at home, including all the food, ingredients, and cooking utensils needed. 

Help sponsor 3-4 healthy, nutritional meals to families in the Big Country:

  • Sponsor (1) JLA Kids in the Kitchen Bag = $15.00
  • Sponsor (1) JLA Kids in the Kitchen Class = $75.00
  • Sponsor (1) Month of JLA Kids in the Kitchen Bags $150.00
  • Sponsor (3) Months of JLA Kids in the Kitchen Bags $450.00


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