CarePack For Kids


CarePack for Kids is a new collaboration between the Junior League of Abilene and Love & Care Ministries in order to provide food to children in need during weekends and holidays for 42 weeks out of the school year. One filled “pack” for one weekend of food cost $4.25. To feed a hungry child each weekend during the school year is only $150.

Child hunger is a real and very present threat within the Abilene community.

The Junior League of Abilene strives to provide extra food for these children to supplement their school meals. Every other week, our members head to Love and Care Ministries and pack “packs” for these students to discreetly take home on Friday afternoons or before holiday breaks. Although all students in AISD receive food support through the federal breakfast & lunch program, chronically hungry children are targeted to receive a CarePack. They are identified by a teacher or counselor and parents are asked permission for the child to participate.

Over 50 thousand packs of food were provided to students this year, 75,000+ sacks were donated by our League Members, as well as over 350 volunteer hours were given by our members.

Our long-term goal is to end child hunger in Abilene, but we can’t do it without your help. We strongly encourage you to donate to our cause and sponsor a child (or two!) for the year. We always have the able bodies to fill the CarePacks, but monetary support is always needed.

CarePack for Kids is sustained through many generous donations from individuals, groups and grants from commercial sources, as well as Foundations. Through the various partnerships with community groups, we are helping fill these “packs” for children in need.